Commentary on Pharmacokinetic Studies and Use of Excel's Solver in Pharmacokinetic Analysis

The following commentary uses lithium studies as as example. Numerous studies have been published and multiple dosing methods created. The reader is presented with an overview of lithium's use, pharmacology, study methodology, analysis of the dosing method(s), and statistical analysis. What is lacking is the actual data set for the patients including age, height, weight, sex, serum creatinine, sex, dose and interval of administration, and resulting serum levels. Why does this matter? Researchers and readers are unable to inspect the data set or do any analysis of the data set or combined data sets as more studies are published. Combining the data sets would allow a more robust analysis as most studies have a small number of patients. Data is continually created in hospitals that would be beneficial in validating dosing methods to improve patient safety. Excel and other tools make analysis and modification, if necessary, of equations used in dosing easy. Example data set and data fitting explanation using Excel's Solver to optimize pharmacokinetic parameters.

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